8:00a – 9:00a Atrium

Registration, Breakfast, Networking, and Expo

9:00a-9:15a Auditorium

WELCOME to La Salle University by Brian A. Goldstein, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs.

OPENING REMARKS by Louis Stricoff: PADLA Executive Director 

9:15a – 10:15a Auditorium

PANEL DISCUSSION: "Designing Active Learning/Collaborative Environments" moderated by Louis Stricoff: PADLA Executive Director



Room #137

Room #275 
 Room #284


"Active Learning Spaces: An Overview" Presented by Bob Hivner, Mid-Atlantic Regional Solutions and Consultants Manager @ Legrand AV Division *

"Driving Program Success with an Online Program Manager: A View from the Business Side" Presented by John Farrell, MBA Program Director @ La Salle University

"Flipping Online Discussions from Text to Video" Presented by Jackie Murphy & Joanne Farley Serembus @ Drexel University

"Reimaging the Ordinary: How to Breathe Life into Compliance Training" Presented by Maria Mejia, LaShondra Cherry, Frederik Kruger-Ross, Jasmine Evans from the Instructional Design Team @ Thomas Jefferson University Health 


"It's OK to Be Human: The Impact of Social Spaces as Learning Environments" Presented by Scott Montemerlo & Greg Dekker @ Teknion *

"Improving Professional Development Attendance" Presented by Valerie Green & Tori Waskiewicz, Instructional Designers @ Arcadia University

"VR Initiative for Online Learning: An Instructional Design Perspective" Presented by Bill Egan, Sr Instructional Designer @ Penn State World Campus 

"Compliance Training That Improves Performance: Making the right content available at the right time, in the right format, for the right person..." Presented by Dr. Peter J. Rizza, Jr., President & CEO, Princeton Center

Noon-1:p Atrium  Lunch, Networking, Expo & Prize Treasure Hunt
1:15p-1:45p Auditorium  AFTERNOON KEYNOTE: "Neuro-Andragogy: Science & Art of Changing the Brain" Presented by Dr. Kristen Betts, Clinical Professor @ Drexel University's School of Education



"Susceptibility & Awareness: Neuromyths & Evidence-Based Practics in Higher Education" Presented by Dr. Kristen Betts, Dr. Trish Shewokis, Tamara Galoyan, Brian Delaney @ Drexel University

"Limitless Collaboration: The Solstice Experience" Presented by Burt Feldman, NE Sales Director & Rodger Wagner, Regional Sales Engineer @ Mersive Technologies

"Increase Engagement and Interactivity Without Breaking the Bank" Presented by Gautam Saha, Manager of Educational Technology & Instructional Design @ Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service in Qatar & Brenda Snider, Instructional Technology Specialist @ Lincoln University 

*"Lab in a Box!: Lab Kits for Online Science Courses" Presented by Stephanie Songer & Heather Stuart @ Carolina Biological Supply Company *


"Learning Design Myths and Facts: Building Courses Based on Evidence, Not False Beliefs" Presented by Ulises Musseb, Senior Education Technology Specialist @ NYU Langone Health System

"Advancing Student Engagement in Online Courses with Instructor-Generated Multimedia" Presented by Christina Asroff, Media Technologist @ Wilmington University

"Get Moving!: Tips for Technology Adoption" Presented by Karen Pinto & Chontel Delaney, Learner Experience Designers @ Saint Joseph's University
"Be Your Own Bill Nye!" Presented by Kelsey Styles, Media Technologist @ Wilmington University
 3:30p-4:p "Learning Experience Design: A Blended Approach for the Digital Age" Presented by Catherine Lombardozzi Ed.D, Consultant & Founder @ Learning 4 Learning Professionals
"Ally - Making Course Content and Websites More Accessible" Presented by Dan DePuy, Senior Director of Accessibility @Blackboard *
"#Social Media in Education" Presented by Emily Wood, Adjunct Professor @ Rutgers University
"Teaching Laboratory Science Courses Totally Online" Presented by Dr. James W. Brown, Pioneer in Online Science Course Development & Dr. Stan Racis, Online Professor @ Gwynedd Mercy University

"Google Drive to the Rescue: Teaching Online Public Speaking Without a Publisher's Platform" Presented by Tracy Kaiser-Goebel, Director of Educational Effectiveness @ Montgomery County Community College

"Designing Distance Learning That Goes the Distance: Using Universal Design Principles and Assistive Tech to Accommodate All Learners"Presented by John Thygeson, IT Manager @ Drexel University & Kallie Ziltz @ Lehigh University

"Do It Live: Building Video-Enabled Classrooms on a Budget" Presented by Russ Lichterman, Director of Educational Technology and Multimedia @ Wilmington University

"Math Can Be As Easy As Pi: Reducing the Effects of Math Anxiety" Presented by Jill Winnington, Assistant Dean and Business Program Director @ Gwynedd Mercy University

5:p-5:30p Atrium

Treasure Hunt Prize Giveaway & Expo in Atrium

* Special Thanks to These Exhibitors for Participating in the Prize Giveaways! 



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