Dear Humans, We Mean You No Harm. Love, AI  

The business world is changing more - and more rapidly - than at any time in history. Over the coming decade, Artificial Intelligence and a handful of technologies will have a greater impact on the global economy than any force since electricity. Forrester Research is among those projecting that by the end of 2020, “businesses adopting AI and Big Data will take $1.2 trillion annually from their less-informed peers."

This will be the greatest economic shift in history - and it is all flowing from mid-sized and small companies to the Tech Titans and fortunate few in the Fortune 500 who have increasingly come to corner their markets. 

Compounding the impact AI is having is the fact that while technology evolves exponentially, the human mind has remained largely unchanged for at least the last 130,000 years. It's little wonder why then that 84% of all tech initiatives end in frustration and failure.  

So how can David compete with Goliath?

Join us to better understand how the co-consideration of Technology & Psychology separates those companies that thrive from those that cannot survive - and come away knowing what you can do to ensure your organization (and you!) will be among the few to reap the future's rewards.

Dr. JT Kostman is an AI Psychologist, CEO, and Educator. He has been recognized by his peers, the press, and professional associations as the world's leading expert in Applied Artificial Intelligence and Transformative Socio-Technical Change. A highly sought-after speaker, writer, and advisor, JT has earned a reputation for his ability to demystify frontier technologies, and for developing practical, actionable, effective socio-technical solutions.

In the public sector, JT has hunted terrorists for U.S. Intelligence Agencies, tracked criminal networks for the FBI, advised on analytic strategies for the Department of Defense, and led social media analysis for the 2012 Obama Campaign. In his earlier life, he served as a Paramedic, Police Officer, Deep-Sea Rescue Diver, and as a team leader with the U.S. Army Special Forces.

In the corporate sector, JT led the development of industry-changing solutions while serving as Chief Data Officer for Time Inc., Chief Data Scientist for Samsung, and as an advisor to organizations ranging from tech startups to the Fortune 500.

In the financial sector, JT has guided substantial investments in frontier technologies while serving as a Board Member of a PE/VC fund and as an advisor to numerous hedge funds, family offices, and institutional investors.

In the marketplace of ideas, JT has become one of the most prolific, prescient and valued voices on the near-term impact of AI and frontier technologies. The keynotes, presentations, press interviews, posts and articles he has shared with audiences around the world have contributed to making him a go-to expert for organizations including The National Association of Corporate Directors, The Chicago Council on Global  Affairs, U.S. Government Agencies, and dozens of others.

JT is the CEO of ProtectedBy.AI, where he and his teams are committed to developing AI-enabled solutions to protect people, property, places - and profits.

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